Hi, I'm Lindsay and this is my space to share our journey to living a simple, more purposeful life.  

I'm a dreamer and an idealist. I like rusty roofs, old photographs, wild flowers and real conversations. I'm also terribly nostalgic and growing up, often wished I could live inside a Darcy Doyle painting.

Where Wild Things Grow is about merging my dreams and ideals with my reality.  The things you'll see here are born out of the desire to create the kind of life that I have always envisaged for my family.  A life that embraces the wild and free spirit within all of us.  

This blog is about getting my children away from technology and awakening their creativity.  Its about creating a home, growing food and reconnecting with the earth.  Here I'll share moments that touch my heart, our trials and triumphs in renovating our new home, building a garden, getting our family out in nature, whole food recipes, words that inspire me and any other random insights I have along the way.

I'd love to share this journey with you.  Thanks so much for stopping by.