Bedrooms #01

The house has 4 bedrooms, 3 of which are a really good size, and a 4th teeny, tiny room added on to the carport.  However, there are no built in cupboards in any of them and 2 of the bedrooms have either windows or doors on 3 sides which limits where we can build storage.

Our kids will have to share rooms and we are still trying to figure out whats going to work best.  Obviously, having them grouped with whoever they are closest to in age seems logical...the two little ones, the two middle ones and then Sam.... but they tend to fight more with that sibling, so I'm still undecided on who will share with whom. I think we'll try out a few scenarios when we move in and see how they work. They still all end up on the floor in my room most nights when Jamie is away so I guess it's really just a place to put their stuff anyway.

Two of the bedrooms have bay windows which I'm excited about. They all have high ceilings and lots of natural light too.

It's probably worth mentioning that I do NOT have a natural flair for decorating or interior design. I've attempted some projects in the past that have been total failures and at this point I don't even trust myself to choose a shade of white for the walls!  I've bought couches that looked awesome in the shop and didn't fit the space when I got them home....hence why we own a lot of couches, some of which are out being loaned to family.  I can't afford professional help so I'm just going to have to do some research, play it safe and hope for the best.  Pinterest has been my best friend lately.  However, I'm hoping for a better outcome with my house than my Pinterest inspired cake making attempts.