2 acres, a dream and a whole lotta work

We're a little bit excited about our soon to be new home.  I didn't really even take too much notice of the house when we inspected it.  But as soon as I saw these avocado's I was sold!  (Hopefully I don't come to regret this along with all my other impulse buys.)  Anyway, obviously I like trees and it's no secret I tend to inadvertently kill the ones I plant so I'm super happy that the property has established fruit trees.  Along with two of the biggest avocado trees I've ever seen, there's also mangos, coconuts, bananas and a small struggling citrus orchard.

Our plan is to try and grow everything we can. The entire 2 acres is flat and usable and it's equipped with a bore so water will never be an issue.  There's also a sweet little seasonal creek run along the back boundary. 

In all honesty, even though I can foresee things are going to cost a lot to fix, and even though we swore we'd never again buy something that needs work, I'm still pinching myself that we found this place. I know most sane people would run a mile from a house that needs this much work, but it really is everything I've always wanted