Making memories out of the mundane

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Lately I've been very conscious of how fast time is flying by.  My eldest boy is now a teenager and I've realised that before I know it, these little people will be all grown up and leaving home.  Unless I make a concerted effort to do so, I won't get around to doing all the things I imagined myself doing as a mum before I had kids.

Motherhood can be really monotonous some weeks and as Jamie travels away for work, it can often feel like one big load of never ending laundry interpersed with dishes and the occasional bit of vomit. With that in mind, i'm trying to make some of our ordinary, everyday tasks just a little more special. Having dinner outside, putting sparklers in dessert, finding a new nook in the garden for a picnic, turning off the television and playing music and dancing with the children are all simple things that not only really bring them joy, they also help break up the monotony of solo-parenting for me. 

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As John Lennon says 'life is what happens while your busy making other plans' and I'm trying to be more present in the 'busy-ness', aware that we are making memories everyday not just on the special occasions. Jamie is really good at playing with the children.  He genuinely enjoys their company and getting down on their level playing games with them for hours at a time.  I have to work a bit harder at it as my mind is always thinking about what I 'should' be doing next.

I'm setting myself a goal for the next four weeks to consciously make one ordinary occurrence everyday into something just a little bit different.  Tonight we will have a candle lit dinner with the rain as our background music.  I haven't thought as far ahead as tomorrow and like most things, I'm going to wing it but I am hoping it will become more and more second nature to make the most of each and everyday I get to spend with my little loves rather than wishing the week would hurry up and end so Jamie would be home again.

Here's to being present, being creative and making memories our children can tell us about when we've totally lost the plot and can no longer figure out how to use Facebook  ;-)

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