Renovator's delight #01

We are about to embark on a lifestyle change.  Again. (We've moved house 5 times in the last 8 years. Apparently this is the last time!)  We've sold our house at the sunny coast and bought ourselves a 4 bedroom fixer upper on 2 acres about half an hour outside of Mackay, North Queensland.  

This picture above isn't actually the house we will be living in. Its on the boundary of the property and sadly is being torn down to build a fence between ours and the neighbours place.  Truthfully, I would totally live in this and I'm struggling watching it get pulled down bit by bit.  Some one who knew me well once said, 'Pick out the oldest, crappiest, falling apart house and that's the one Lindsay wants to live in.' Well I've found it!! And its literally disappearing before my eyes. Sigh. One day, I hope to move a little old cottage onto our land, but until then we have HEAPS of work to do on the house we've bought.

We don't move in until next month but here's a few pictures of out side our house in its current state. There's a tonne of work to be done and our budget is tiny so progress will be slow but I think the place has loads of potential and can't wait to get started!