Boulder Creek, Calen

We finally have a moving date! Yay! We've been waiting for what seems like for ever (3 months) to get a settlement date for our new house and its all happening this Friday! So of course, instead of packing, I now feel the sudden and pressing urge to go exploring all the places up this way that I haven't yet been to.

Jamie, being a fellow procrastinator is totally onboard, so a couple of days ago, we drove out to have a picnic and a swim at Boulder Creek near Calen.  It took us about an hour to get there from Mackay and it was really lovely.  There's actually a free camping area, toilets, picnic tables, swings and a BBQ, and of course the creek.  We went on a weekday so there were only a handful of people there - a couple of grey nomads and a group of friendly old hippies having a few drinks around one of the picnic tables.  

The creek itself is easily accessible for children and there's lots of places to explore.  It was quite shallow with a few deeper little rock pools so it was perfect for my tribe.  The boys had a blast sliding down the rocks, rock hopping and swimming in the rock pools while Jamie and Isabelle took off upstream to collect rocks.  Charlie and I chilled out in one of the deeper pools, watching all the fish, dragonflies and the biggest Ulysses butterflies I've ever seen,

The vibe at the picnic area was very chilled (mostly due to the second-hand hippy smoke floating around).  One of the locals was selling rainforest honey so we bought 1KG of that and another man cut open a young coconut and gave it to me which I devoured while the kids played on the swings and annoyed the fun parent.

With the children sufficiently worn out, we drove home taking the scenic route back through mirani as suggested by the locals.  We had a lovely day out and we will definitely come back and camp here in sometime the future.