Just another day at the beach

We live in the tropics not far from the coast.  It's hot! And humid.  Unfortunately though, summer here is also stinger season and we get the potentially life threatening irukandji jelly fish so it's been months since we've been in the water. In years gone by, I've actually been a bit reckless and swum anyway, but this year I've been a responsible mummy and not allowed the kids to swim.  Until this past weekend, when we threw caution to the wind, went down to Bucasia Beach and got in the water.  It was SO good!

There's just something so cleansing about being in the ocean. I love that every day, even at the same beach, it's a completely different scene.  The tide can be way out with miles of beach to explore.  Or it can be right in chasing my children up onto the shore. 

The day was rather uneventful as far as days with my lot go.  Isabelle hates the sand, but I just ignore her whining and each time we go, its less and less. Actually she also hates the feel of grass on her feet at the moment, (and shoes of course), so when I'm already at pack mule capacity, that can be a challenge. Hence why she is lagging behind in the photo above. 

All in all, it was a great day. Definitely worth the stinger/crocodile risk.


In case you're wondering, for some unknown reason, Jamie seems to be in the throws of an identity crisis and is currently channelling his inner Tom Selleck.  It's really hard for me to look at him at the moment with a straight face.  The longer he keeps the moe, the more the moe seems to be overtaking his personality and I'm wondering how long until hawaiian shirts and high waisted jeans start to make an appearance. Although it's mildly amusing, I'm hoping it's a phase. I'll keep you posted.


We left the beach refreshed and relieved that we didn't get stung. Definitely planning on getting more ocean swimming in before winter.  Hopefully one of these days, I'll figure out how to NOT take half the beach home with us!