A Mad Hatters Tea Party for Isabelle’s 6th Birthday


Im not a very good ‘girl’ mother. I really despise licensed kids merchandise, plastic toys, jojo bows and anything mass produced in china. So basically everything my daughter loves.

Its been a few years since we’ve held a birthday party at our home but having been invited to a few this year, Isabelle was adamant that we should have a party for her 6th birthday. So, with me shuddering at the thought of having an ‘Elsa’ party, and Isabelle rolling her eyes at my idea for a knights and dragons party, we finally compromised and chose Alice in Wonderland as the theme for her birthday party. We have the Disney version of the movie and it’s well known enough for Isabelle to be able to identify with it, yet at the same time, its classic and quirky enough for me to have some fun. Plus, a mad hatter’s tea party gave me the perfect excuse to pull all of my old junk out of the shed and put it to use.

teaparty1 (1 of 1).jpg

We ate cupcakes and slices and scones with jam and cream. I’m not much of a baker so a few of my friends also brought cake despite me telling them not to so there were cupcakes galore. I think they were scared there’d be nothing edible based on my other baking disasters. But it was much appreciated and almost everything was gobbled up including the packet mix creations made by Moi. We also had tiny sandwiches, little pies and sausage rolls and cheese and spinach puffs. We drank raspberry lemonade and peach iced tea and there was tea and coffee for the grown ups.

We played musical chairs, pass the parcel, ‘paint the roses red’, croquet and had a scavenger hunt. The rest of the time was spent eating and running around our yard doing what kids do.

Here are some of the details…

I found these invitations on Etsy…they were perfect and I really didn’t have to do anything other than supply the details so that was great. I actually digitally sent most of the invitations so that saved even more time. But if you are going to print them, they have both a front and a back side. I thought they were too cute.

We made these two signs below using things I found in the shed and spray painting the frames and painting the board in chalk board paint. Jamie is artistic so he drew the pictures etc for me, copying off some pictures I found on pinterest. It’s easy to get carried away when you scourge pinterest for party ideas. I had to keep telling myself to just be creative with things we already had. We have quite a lot of old junk in the shed, so it wasn’t too difficult.

These were free printables I found on this website. I printed them on my home printer and put them in these frames which i spray painted. (I had origninally bought the frames from an op shop last year for $1 each as I intend to one day make a photo wall, but they were just sitting in the shed).

Jamie made this sign for me using bits of wood we have lying around from the renovation.


I bought Isabelle’s ‘Alice’ costume on sale from costume box on line. It was so cute and I was surprised by how good the quality was, unlike the cheap looking costumes i looked at at spotlight, kmart, etc. They have great sales so it’s worth signing up to the mailing list and waiting if you have time.

I bought this chandelier earlier in the year as a project to do up and eventually hang in the lounge room. Its supposed to be a french antique but sadly it’s pretty rusty and in need of some major TLC so it’s been also sitting in the shed awaiting some attention. Anyway, I convinced Jamie to hang it up in the barn for me for the party and he decided to wrap it in fairy lights when he was rigging up some power and lighting. It’s still there and i dare say may become a permanent fixture.

I lined up all our tables and borrowed a couple of fold out ones from my neighbour. This party made me realise I own an abnormal amount of old chairs. 16 to be exact. And yet there still never seems to be enough.


The rest of the chairs were borrowed from a friend who also loaned me her vintage doily tablecloths, some platters, drink dispensers and a few other bits and pieces. The teacups and saucers, cake stands, table runners and other decorations were in the shed in storage from our wedding ten years ago. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…hoarding pays off. It also takes up an enormous amount of shed space but for that one day a decade you use it, it’s worth it ;-).


It really was a wonderful day! The fact that we have such beautiful, down to earth people in our lives made this a day to remember and Isabelle went to bed saying it was the best day of her life.

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