Greenhill Beach Queensland

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I really enjoy taking my children back to places that I frequented during my own childhood.  Growing up, my family had a beach 'shed' at Greenhill Beach in Queensland.  Many of my school holidays were spent here but I haven't been back since the block was sold back in the 90's. So i decided it was time to re-visit the place with my own children in tow.

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If you google Greenhill Beach, apparently it doesn't exist but if you drive about 45 minutes south of Sarina, past Koumala, past Carmilla and then take a left at a little spot called Ilbilby and keep driving until you hit the coast, you will find it does and it's really worth the drive.  Its a very small beach community mostly made up of either holiday houses or retirees.  It's pretty out of the way and so there still aren't any shops or cafes but the beach itself is quite beautiful and a really fun place for kids to explore. There's heaps of rocks, rock pools, little caves and if you're lucky you can even find living coral in the rock pools far out on low tide.

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We arrived in the middle of the day so the light was extremely harsh and by the time the sun was easing, my camera battery died so I don't know that my photos really do the place justice. But here are some snaps of our day. The weather was beautiful and we had the entire beach to ourselves.

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The children, ran, swam, climbed, jumped in puddles and explored the rock pools.  They buried each other and me in sand which was the closest thing to a day spa I've experienced since having all these kids! 

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If you are interested in checking this part of the world out for yourself, powered camp sites are available at the Cape Palmerston Holiday Park- (07) 4950 3987 - or permits can be obtained through the department of national parks, sport and racing website - - to camp off grid in Cape Palmerston National Park.