Chalk paint kitchen hutch makeover for little girls room

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Storage in this old house is an issue! With absolutely no built in cupboards, I have had to source storage for absolutely everything.  I love old and interesting pieces of furniture.  Luckily for me, old stuff is currently out of style and I have managed to pick up some pieces that I really love at bargain prices.

I bought this little old-style kitchen hutch off gumtree for $80 when we ripped our kitchen out and had nowhere to store our stuff.  Since then, we bought a 2nd hand kitchen (which you can read about here) so i decided to use this piece for toy storage in Isabelle's room.


It came without handles, was half painted and had a bit of texta artwork added on the top by one of my kids. So it was definitely in need of a make-over.


I removed all the doors and drawers, undercoated the entire thing with zinnser oil based primer and then painted in Rustoleum ‘Chalked’ in Blush Pink.  This retails for $42.20 a can at Bunnings.

chalk paint.jpg

I also added a timber decal on the top piece to add a bit more detail. 

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I wanted to try and create more of a french provincial look rather than the shabby chic look to fit in with her other bedroom furniture.  The plain pink was a bit too one dimensional so rather than sand and distress, I attempted to do a white wash over the top.  This was my first time using chalk paint so I played it pretty safe and wiped most of it off just leaving the white to enhance the details of the edges and joins.  It was much more noticeable before I put the top sealer on, but the clear top coat altered the final appearance.


Chalk paint needs to be sealed or else it will chip.  I wasn't going for the chippy look so I sealed it with poly acrylic which will protect it much better than wax.  I used Cabot's bench top clear which is supposed to be non-yellowing.  The clear coats did darken the pink colour somewhat and also blended the white more into the pink.  So in hindsight, if using this sealer, I would probably buy paint a shade lighter than what I am intending to achieve as final colour.

I purchased new handles from eBay for a few dollars each and lined the drawers with scented drawer liners.  I plan to also seal the paper when the scent has worn off, making them easy to wipe out.

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And lastly, i highlighted the decal and corners with this champagne coloured gilding wax in ‘white gold’ to add a bit of bling. You can find this brand on eBay for $10.


And voila!

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A pretty storage solution for books, puzzles, hair accessories and other knick knacks that need a home in a little girls room.

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